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Our Team

The JMA team offers clients a broad portfolio of skills.


Andy Loving is the founding partner of Just Money Advisors and its principle advisor. A Certified Financial Planner® and an ordained minister, Andy creates investment strategies that help clients meet their financial goals in a way that proactively contributes to justice and environmental sustainability. He has won multiple awards for helping clients put capital into financial institutions that serve poor people, both domestically and around the world. It has been observed that “Andy looks at money and imagines ways to create justice.”


Susan Taylor is a partner at Just Money Advisors. She helps design socially responsive financial strategies for JMA clients and manages many aspects of JMA’s overall business, bringing a background as a Ph.D. economist to the JMA team’s skill set. (She is not accepting clients at this time.) Susan writes about issues of money and spirituality (see the “resources” page) and shares her expertise and energy with a handful of non-profits that equip people to connect their money and their faith. She also serves on the Investment Committee of the Mennonite Education Agency.


Joel Koerner is a financial advisor. Joel joined Just Money Advisors in 2015. Joel has a passion for social and environmental justice both locally and globally. Joel is excited that he can work at JMA and assist clients in investing to make the world a kinder and more just and equitable place. In his spare time, Joel enjoys reading and running. Joel is married to Maria Blough Koerner and together they enjoy hiking and the natural beauty of Kentucky’s many parks.


Sara Loving is the project director for Better Banking Options at Just Money Advisors. She graduated from Spalding University in 2017 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and was brought into the company by her parents, Susan Taylor and Andy Loving, to research and write about sustainable banking practices. Deeply passionate about all forms of social justice, Sara believes that making Better Banking practices available to more people will lead to a more sustainable and equal society. She is the primary author on the Better Banking Options blog and maintains media outreach for the project. 

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